Dan and Erin Hischke Family

    We are a family of six living on a farm in northeast Wisconsin.  We own a dairy farm and also raise sheep, chickens, turkeys, and pigs to put healthy food on our plates and yours.  Even with all the work of the farm, our main job is raising our children.  The farm is a great place for the next generation to learn the value of hard work and to live in harmony with nature.  The farm is our family project.
    We have chosen management intensive grazing (MIG) as our standard for farming.  Grass fed meats are the healthiest for us and our environment.  The joy from working in the outdoors is an added bonus. 
        We began our farm in 2006 as Red Bank Farm.  Our first year was just turkeys and that led to other things in later years.  We have found great joy in establishing a personal relationship with our customers who enjoy visits to the farm--particularly when the babies begin to arrive.
    In 2010, we chose to become an LLC.  The state would not allow us to keep a name that contained the word "bank" as they were afraid we would be mistaken for a financial institution! It has become a joke among our customers who drive up in the yard only to find the sow in the driveway or smell that nice country air.  We are definitely NOT a financial institution!
    We welcome you to our website and invite you to come for a visit.     We'd be happy to share our farming philosophy with you and we'd be delighted if we could help your family discover the bounty of eating
              Pasture to Plate