Why buy Sweet Grass Farm meats?
  1. Sweet Grass Farm Meat is more nutritious than commercial meats because our animals eat grass.
    1. Grassfed meats contain higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than grainfed meats.
    2. By intensely managing the nutrients in the pasture soil, we also insure the presence of life sustaining vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the meat on your plate.
    3. By exposing our animals to sunlight they receive more Vitamin D from the sunlight.
  2. Sweet Grass Farm Meat is more delicious than commercial meats.
    1. The finest restaurants in Northeast Wisconsin choose meat from Sweet Grass Farm as a staple of their menu.
    2. Grass gives the meat a fuller flavor and more palatable texture.
    3. Dry-aging of local butcher shops enhances the flavor and tenderness.
    4. Small batch butchering practiced by local butchers keep the meat tasting clean.
  3. Sweet Grass Farm meat is a safer choice for your family.
    1. Small butcher shops only slaughter a handful of animals at a time as compared to the commercial slaughter house who can slaughter millions of animals a day.  All it takes is one sick animal to contaminate the whole lot.
    2. Sweet Grass Farm uses NO additional Hormones.
    3. Sweet Grass Farm practices sustainable farming practices that keep the animals healthy so there is no need for Antibiotics.
  4. Sweet Grass Farm uses Earth Friendly Farming processes.
    1. Management Intensive Grazing protects soil and water, reduces the use of fossil fuels, encourages plant biodiversity and creates wildlife habitat.
    2. The Sierra Club recommends grass fed products because grazing farmers tend to be "keen stewards of the land, concerned with proper grazing techniques and the nurturing of native grasses."
  5. We Buy Locally!
    1. We firmly believe that the way to financial freedom is to support each other in our local economy.
    2. By keeping our dollar in our local economy we can create more personal buying power. 
    3. By keeping our dollar in our local economy we help to insure employment for ourselves and our neighbors.

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