Price List

Whole Beef                  $2.99/lb hanging weight

Half Beef                      $2.99/lb hanging weight
    (split nose to tail--you get all the cuts)

Front Quarter Beef     $3.39/lb hanging weight
     (chuck area, brisket, shank, rib, plate)

Hind Quarter Beef      $3.89/lb hanging weight
     (short loin, flank, sirloin, tenderloin, and round)

 *hanging weight is the weight when it is hanging in the cooler

 **average hanging weight is 660# per whole beef

Cuts o​​​​f Beef

Tenderloin Steak Fillets:  $13.85/lb
Ribeye Steak: $11.99/lb
New York Strip: $11.99/lb
Sirloin: $7.99/lb
Flank: $7.50/lb
Skirt: $6.95/lb

Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Rump Roast: $5.50/lb

Hamburger 1.5# packages: $4.99/lb
Hamburger 1# packages: $5.25/lb
Hamburger Patties: $6.99/lb

*other cuts available by request

Whole Pig: $1.89/lb hanging

Half Pig: $1.99/lb hanging

*the average whole pig weighs 220#

Pork is processed at Beck's Meats in Kaukauna or Otto's Meats in Luxemburg who offer all-natural bacon and ham without the use of nitrates or MSG.
Cuts of Pork

Pork Chops:  $4.95/lb
Pork Shoulder:  $5.50/lb
Uncured Bacon:  $7.50/lb
Uncured Shoulder Bacon:  $6.95/lb
Uncured Smoked Ham:  $5.95/lb
Fresh Hocks:  $3.00/lb
Spare Ribs:  $1.99/lb
Ground Pork:  $3.50/lb


Whole lamb: $3.95/lb 
*average 50#

Lamb chops:  $13.95/lb
Leg of Lamb: $7.95/lb
Lamb Ribs:  $4.95/lb
Ground Lamb:  $6.50/lb

Whole Chicken: $3.50/lb
Hours of Operation
Call for an appointment to buy cuts at the farm.

8742 Red Bank Rd
Suring, Wisconsin
Buy select cuts from Mr. Art at Suring Dollar Value Store

718 E Main
Suring, Wisconsin